Jawwy Internet Packages – eSIM Data Plan Offers [2023]

Today, we’ll show you various eSIM Data Plan service providers in Saudi Arabia. To do this, we’ll talk about Jawwy Internet Packages – eSIM Data Plan Offers and give you a table with information on the …

Today, we’ll show you various eSIM Data Plan service providers in Saudi Arabia. To do this, we’ll talk about Jawwy Internet Packages – eSIM Data Plan Offers and give you a table with information on the different plan prices and validity.

The Jawwy Internet Package eSIM Data Package Offer was developed in 2023, so please take that into consideration. The cost might change at any time.

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A. Jawwy Internet Packages: eSIM Data Plans

Jawwy Internet Packages : eSIMS

Jawwy eSIM Data Plan Offers a digital SIM card solution that enables you to have multiple phone numbers on a single device, eliminating the requirement for a physical SIM card. The list of Jawwy Internet Packages: eSIM internet bundles is provided below.

PackagesDataSocial CallPrice
Jawwy eSIM 20097GBUnlimited Social & Youtube Unlimited local call minutes 230 SAR
Jawwy eSIM 15040GBUnlimited Social & Youtube 3000 Call Minutes Local172.50 SAR
Jawwy eSIM 10030GB20GB Social & Youtube 1500 Call Minutes Local115 SAR
Jawwy eSIM 70 (Unlimited stc Wifi)20GB-500 Call Minutes Local80.50 SAR
Jawwy eSIM 302GB-100 Call Minutes Local & 3000 same jawwy34.50 SAR

How to Get eSIM Jawwy:

  1. Visit the official Jawwy eSIM section on our website.
  2. Choose your preferred eSIM package and add it to your cart. We offer various options, such as the Jawwy eSIM 150 with 40GB, Unlimited Social, YouTube, and 3,000 National Minutes for 172.50 SAR, or the eSIM 200 with 97GB data, unlimited national minutes, and unlimited social for 200 SAR.
  3. Proceed to the checkout and complete the payment process.
  4. After purchasing the eSIM, access your device’s “Settings” and select “Cellular.”
  5. Click on “Add Cellular Plan” to initiate the eSIM activation process.
  6. Scan the QR code of your eSIM, which you downloaded during the purchase.
  7. Label your eSIM as either a personal or work number to easily manage your multiple phone numbers.
  8. Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of your new Jawwy eSIM, offering the same excellent features and services as our regular mobile plans.

Please note that the delivery time for eSIMs may vary. If you have any questions or need assistance, our Jawwy community is here to provide support.

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B. Jawwy Flexible Plans

Jawwy Internet Packages: Flexible Plan is a monthly mobile plan offered by Jawwy from STC that is created for household use and includes sharing data and calling choices. You have the option to choose your preferred monthly data allowance and national minutes with this plan according to your particular needs. Following are some notable benefits as well as features of the Jawwy Flexible Plan.

Jawwy Internet Packages - Flexible Plan

How to Get Flexible Plan eSIM Jawwy:

  1. Get a SIM
    You can place an order online and have it delivered for FREE to your home or place of business within one to five business days by visiting this link.
  2. Install Our App
    You have complete control over the data and minutes you buy and use the Jawwy app, you can download the app here.
  3. Create, Share, and Give
    Create a plan, share it around your devices, and give it to family and friends.

C. Jawwy Roaming

Jawwy Internet Packages: Roaming are service that enables you to stay connected and use your Jawwy mobile plan while travelling internationally. These packages offer benefits like cost control, data allowances, and preferred network access to enhance your roaming experience.

Data PackagesValidity
1GB7 Days
10GB7 Days
30GB7 Days

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How to Get Jawwy Roaming Plan :

To set up Jawwy Roaming, follow these steps:

  1. Activate Roaming Service: Roaming service is automatically active on all Jawwy SIMs, but it’s advisable to purchase a Roaming Data Pass to prevent excessive charges while travelling.
  2. Launch the Jawwy App: Download and open the Jawwy app on your mobile device.
  3. Navigate to “Shop” and Select “Roaming”: Within the Jawwy app, go to the “Shop” section and choose “Roaming” to access available Roaming Passes.
  4. Choose Your Roaming Pass: Review all available roaming passes by tapping “See All.” Select a pass that aligns with your travel duration, whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly.
  5. Complete the Purchase: After choosing a Roaming Pass, tap “Buy.” Follow the on-screen instructions to finalize the transaction and activate your Roaming Pass.
  6. Enable Preferred Networks: Jawwy has partnerships with various preferred networks in different countries to ensure reliable and high-quality mobile services while roaming. Enable the preferred network on your device for an optimized roaming experience.
  7. Use the Jawwy App While Roaming: Jawwy provides a complimentary 100MB roaming data bundle, allowing you to access the Jawwy app while roaming. This enables you to manage your account, monitor usage, and purchase additional services as needed.


Jawwy Internet Packages offers a selection of flexible and customized mobile plans made to fit your needs for data and minutes. You can benefit from the following advantages with Jawwy:

  1. Customizable Plans: Create a plan that suits your needs by choosing the data and minutes you require; you can even share your plan with others. Choose your ideal plan with the Jawwy app, then edit your options as needed to ensure you only pay for what you actually use.
  2. Pay-Per-Second and Per-KB Billing: Jawwy provides accurate pay-per-second and per-KB billing. You can save money by downgrading your plan and getting instant credit for any unused portions since you will only be charged for real usage.
  3. Wide Coverage: Jawwy offers dependable and extended coverage while utilizing the 4G network of STC. Enjoy easy browsing, streaming, and downloading on our high-speed network by staying connected wherever you go.
  4. Multi-Device Sharing: Share your plan across many devices and manage multiple SIMs. Families or individuals who use many devices will benefit from this feature’s optimized data and minute distribution.
  5. Roaming Services: Explore Jawwy’s Roaming Passes to use your mobile phone plan and keep connected when you’re travelling. These passes improve your roaming experience by providing expense management, data allotments, and preferred network access.
  6. Reliable Customer Support: Jawwy provides a variety of support channels, including a community forum, live chat with agents, and social media platforms, for any questions or assistance needed.

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  • How to customize data and minutes in Jawwy Internet Packages?
    Use the Jawwy app to select your desired data and minutes, and change them anytime for flexibility.
  • How does pay-per-second and per-KB billing work with Jawwy?
    Pay only for actual usage with Jawwy’s pay-per-second and per-KB billing, allowing plan downgrades to save money.
  • What’s the coverage like for Jawwy Internet Packages?
    Jawwy operates on STC’s wide-reaching 4G network, ensuring reliable browsing across locations.
  • Can I share my Jawwy Internet Package across multiple devices?
    Yes, manage multiple SIMs under one account, great for families or multi-device users optimizing data and minutes.
  • How to get extra add-ons for my Jawwy Internet Package?
    Easily purchase or gift add-ons via the Jawwy app.
  • How to contact Jawwy for support or assistance?
    For questions or help, reach out to the Jawwy community, chat with customer care agents, or connect on social media platforms—they’re ready to assist.

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