Mobily Internet Packages | Mobile Packages [2023]

Today, we’ll offer tips on Mobily Internet Packages for those of you who want to relocate to Saudi Arabia or for those of you who intend to stay. For this reason, we’ll list the many …

Today, we’ll offer tips on Mobily Internet Packages for those of you who want to relocate to Saudi Arabia or for those of you who intend to stay. For this reason, we’ll list the many kinds of internet packages, their costs, and how long the Mobily Mobile deal is valid.

Details about the Mobily Internet: Mobile Packages in 2023 offers are listed below.

A. Postpaid Internet Packages

Mobily internet packages - Postpaid

Different postpaid internet packages are offered by Mobily Internet Packages to accommodate different needs and price ranges. A few options are listed below:

PackagesDataSocial Call & SMSPrice
Postpaid 503GB-300 Minutes & 50 SMS57.5 SAR
Postpaid 10020GB-1500 Minutes & 100 SMS115 SAR
Postpaid 20097GBUnlimitedUnlimited Minutes & 200 SMS230 SAR
Postpaid 300150GBUnlimitedUnlimited Minutes & 300 SMS345 SAR
Postpaid 400
UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited Minutes & 400 SMS460 SAR
  • Validity: There is a 4-week validity period for all plans.
  • Social Media includes Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook.
  • Call: National minutes are provided to all networks.
  • Prices are VAT Inclusive

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Postpaid eSIM

The Postpaid eSIM50 is an exclusive Mobily Internet Packages for elite customers. With this package, customers can share their monthly local data, calls, and SMS on a new eSIM line while also enjoying unlimited minutes to all local networks.

Postpaid eSIM50100GB 57.5 SAR

What package benefits can be shared?

  • Local data (100 GB) *
  • Local minutes (Full)
  • Local SMS (Full)

*Only 100 GB of local data will be shared with eSIM50 even from RAQI and Postpaid 400 which enjoy unlimited local data. Check the coverage area here.

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Mobily Internet Packages: Postpaid Data Sims Plans

Mobily presents a variety of Postpaid Data SIM Plans, delivering flexible and convenient internet connectivity options for customers.

Sim Price Data Validity
SAR 184 100 GB 1 Month
SAR 373.75 Unlimited 1 Month

How to Subscribe

To subscribe to Mobily Internet Packages: Postpaid Packages, customers can follow these steps:

  1. To select your preferred postpaid plan, visit the Mobily website or a Mobily store.
  2. Select a bundle based on the needs and price range of the customer.
  3. After package selection, customers must provide their name, ID number, and contact details.
  4. Customers receive a confirmation message detailing the package and monthly fee.
  5. Activation is possible by inserting the SIM card or following device-specific eSIM QR code steps.
  6. Manage postpaid packages through the Mobily app for usage checks, bill payments, and service subscriptions.

B. Prepaid Internet Packages

Mobily provides various prepaid internet packages to accommodate diverse needs and budgets. Here are a few of the available options:

PackageDataSocial CallPriceValidity
Prepaid 30
1GB1GB300 Minutes30 SAR4 Weeks
Prepaid 75
5GB + 3GB5GB + 3GB500 Minutes 75 SAR4 Weeks
Prepaid 11010GB+15GB15GB+15GB1500 Minutes 110 SAR4 Weeks
Prepaid 15020GB+35GBUnlimited3000 Minutes150 SAR4 Weeks
Postpaid 18050GB+31GBUnlimitedUnlimited 180 SAR4 Weeks
Prepaid 220100GBUnlimitedUnlimited 220 SAR4 Weeks
Prepaid 360UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited 360 SAR4 Weeks
Prepaid Weekly2GB2GB100 Minutes25 SAR4 Weeks
Prepaid DailyUnlimitedUnlimited50 Minutes 20 SAR1 Day
Prepaid eSIM 220100GBUnlimitedUnlimited115 SAR4 Weeks
  • Validity: All plans come with a 4-week validity period.
  • To activate your plan, send the activation SMS code to 1100
  • Cancellation of automatic renewal: If you wish to cancel automatic renewal, send 1100 after adding ‘0‘ to your activation code.
  • VAT is not included in the price.

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Data Prepaid Plans

Sim Price With VAT Data Validity
SAR 200 10 GB 3 Month
SAR 250 50 GB 2 Month
SAR 260 20 GB 3 Month
SAR 375 100 GB 3 Month
SAR 525 300 GB 3 Month

How to Subscribe

To subscribe to Mobily Internet Packages: prepaid packages, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Mobily website or the online shop to select your desired prepaid package.
  2. Choose the package that best fits your needs and budget from the options.
  3. After selecting the package, proceed with the online purchase, and provide your personal information, including name, ID number, and contact details.
  4. You’ll receive a confirmation message with package details and activation instructions.
  5. Activate your new prepaid package by inserting the physical SIM card into your device or by following device-specific activation steps for eSIM activation.
  6. Manage your prepaid packages conveniently through the Mobily app, where you can check usage, recharge your balance, and subscribe to additional services.

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C. Data Bundles

Data Bundles are extra data allowances that consumers can purchase as a complement to their current internet subscriptions in Mobily Internet Packages. These packages give clients more freedom and options for how they use the internet.

The following are some essential attributes of Mobily data bundles:

Data Volume Validity Price Subscribe/Renew Stop/ Auto-Renewal
150MB 15 Days SR 5.75 750 00750
500MB 15 Days SR 17.25 5100 5102
1GB 30 Days SR 34.5 6100 6102
2GB 30 Days SR 57.5 7200 7202
5GB 30 Days SR 86.25 7300 7302
10GB 30 Days SR 109.25 7050 7052
10GB 90 Days SR 189.75 6070 6072
20GB + Extra 15 GB 30 GB For Social Media Usage For Free
30 Days SR 155.25 6300 6302
20GB 90 Days SR 253 8200 8202
50GB + Extra 30 GB 75 GB For Social Media Usage For Free
60 Days SR 241.5 7090 7092
50GB 90 Days SR 299 8070 8072
100GB 30 Days SR 184 7080 7082
100GB + Extra 115 GB for Social Media Usage For Free
90 Days SR 368 8080 8082
300GB 90 Days SR 517.5 300 N/A
600GB 180 Days SR 1035 606 N/A
Unlimited 30 Days SR 373.75 4930 4932
  • Prices are VAT inclusive.
  • For Prepaid customers, VAT will be deducted upon recharging the balance. For Postpaid customers, VAT will be added to the monthly bill.

How to Subscribe

To subscribe to Mobily Internet Packages: Data Bundles on Mobily, follow these steps:

  1. Dial *1100# from your Mobily prepaid or postpaid line to access the data bundles menu.
  2. Choose your data bundle from the available options. Mobily offers various data bundles with different data allowances and validity periods.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm your subscription. Depending on your account settings, you may need to enter your PIN or provide additional information.
  4. Once your subscription is confirmed, you’ll receive a confirmation message detailing your data bundle, including data allowance, validity period, and any additional services.
  5. Start using your data bundle right away. To check your data balance, dial *1411# or use the Mobily app.

Customers can also subscribe to data bundles through the Mobily app or by visiting the Mobily website. Please note that prices for data bundles do not include VAT, and customers can recharge their balance using Mobily recharge vouchers.

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D. Mobily Visitors Plans

Mobily Visitors Plans are unique among telecom plans made for travellers and visitors in Saudi Arabia because of the variety of features and services they offer at affordable costs.
Let’s look at some of these plans’ main benefits.

Price Benefits
SAR 40 Data 2 GB
Local Call 100 Minutes
International Credit 10 SAR
Validity 30 Days
Activation Code 7862
SAR 50 Data 15 GB
Flexi Call (Local & Int’l.) 50 Minutes
Validity 14 Days
Activation Code 7867
SAR 60 Data 3 GB
Local Call 200 Minutes
International Credit 20 SAR
Validity 30 Days
Activation Code 7863
SAR 90 Data 10 GB
Social Media 10 GB
Flexi Call (Local & Int’l.) 200 Minutes
Validity 30 Days
Activation Code 7866
SAR 100 Data 20 GB
Social Media Unlimited
Local Call Unlimited
International Call 200 Minutes
Validity 14 Days
Activation Code 7864
SAR 150 Data 8 GB
Social Media Unlimited
Local Call 1000 Minutes
International Credit 60 SAR
Validity 30 Days
Activation Code 7865

How to Subscribe

To subscribe to Mobily Visitors Plans, follow these steps:

  • To Activate: Send SMS code to 1100
  • To Recharge Visitor Package: Dial *1400*Recharge Card Number#
  • To Check Balance: Dial *1411*1#
  • To Know Your Mobily Number: Dial *222#


Mobily Internet Packages offers a wide range of and caters to the diverse needs of its customers in Saudi Arabia. Here are the key takeaways from Mobily’s internet packages:

  1. High-Speed Internet: Mobily delivers fast 4G internet for reliable connectivity.
  2. Variety: They provide prepaid and postpaid options to suit different needs and budgets.
  3. Extras: Some packages include social media access, international credit, or app access.
  4. Flexibility: Data bundles can be added to existing plans for more choices.
  5. Convenience: Easy subscription and account management via the Mobily website, app, or mobile codes.

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  • How to Buy Mobily Internet Packages: Data Bundles?
    – Via Mobily App: Download, login, and navigate to the data bundles section to choose and purchase.
    – Through Mobily Website: Explore bundles and follow on-screen instructions to buy.
  • Checking Data Balance
    – Dial *1411# from your Mobily line
    – Use the Mobily app for easy service management and usage checks.
  • Using Mobily Data on Multiple Devices?
    – Yes, Mobily data works on smartphones, routers, and mini WiFi devices, offering flexibility for your internet needs.
  • Recharging Mobily Balance
    – Purchase recharge vouchers from retail outlets.
    – Recharge online through the Mobily website or app.
  • Additional Services with Mobily Packages?
    – Some packages may include extras like social media access, international credit, or specific app access
  • Unlimited Social Media Access?
    – Yes, Mobily Internet Packages offer unlimited social media add-ons for both prepaid and postpaid users. Visit the Mobily website for details on available social media bundles.

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