Why is Saudi Arabia’s Crime Rate So Low? A Brief Explanation

Welcome, dear readers, to the magical kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the crime rate dances to an enchanting tune of remarkably low figures. What makes this land so safe and secure? Table of contents Why …

Why is Saudi Arabia Crime Rate So Low

Welcome, dear readers, to the magical kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the crime rate dances to an enchanting tune of remarkably low figures.

What makes this land so safe and secure?

Why is Saudi Arabia Crime Rate So Low
Why is Saudi Arabia Crime Rate So Low

Why is Saudi  Arabia Crime Rate So Low

Let’s dive into the secrets behind Saudi Arabia’s low crime rate and uncover the mystical reasons behind this phenomenon.

1. Strict Law Enforcement: Where Justice Prevails

One of the key factors contributing to Saudi Arabia’s low crime rate is its robust and uncompromising law enforcement.

The kingdom upholds a firm stance against criminal activities, and the enforcement of Islamic criminal law casts a powerful deterrent spell over potential wrongdoers. As a result, crime rates in Saudi Arabia are considered relatively low, and violent street crimes are exceedingly rare.

The government’s commitment to curbing crime extends to the realm of drug-related offenses, which make up a significant portion of criminal activity in the kingdom.

To tackle this issue head-on, Saudi Arabia boasts the world’s best terrorist rehabilitation program. This program has successfully rehabilitated offenders, leading to a remarkably low terrorist recidivism rate of about 3 to 4%.

The kingdom’s strategies to counter the effects of indoctrination on new terrorist recruits have proven effective, helping reconnect families with offenders or even aiding in the creation of new families.

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2. The Power of Harsh Punishments: Dissuading Criminal Intent

In the magical realm of Saudi Arabia, harsh punishments act as a formidable shield against crime.

The kingdom employs the death penalty and severe measures for drug-related offenses, effectively reducing addiction by a staggering 60% and drug use by 26%.

Saudi officials proudly claim that their nation boasts the world’s lowest rate of drug addiction, and they attribute this achievement to the potent combination of harsh penalties and the deep-rooted pious convictions of ordinary Saudi citizens.

The fear of severe consequences keeps crime at bay, adding to the kingdom’s reputation as a haven of safety.

3. A Soaring Economy and Low Unemployment: Weaving Prosperity and Peace

In the enchanting tale of Saudi Arabia’s low crime rate, the soaring economy and low unemployment rate play pivotal roles.

During a period of increased petty crime in 1989, experts linked the rise to unemployment among Saudi and Yemeni residents of the kingdom. However, in recent years, the unemployment rate has dipped to comparatively low levels.

A flourishing economy and ample employment opportunities mean fewer desperate souls tempted to turn to crime, creating an atmosphere of stability and contentment across the kingdom.

Worthy of note is the fact that crime in Saudi Arabia rarely targets foreigners, making it a welcoming destination for travelers and expatriates alike.

Petty crimes such as pickpocketing and bag snatching are almost unheard of. The kingdom’s emphasis on ensuring the safety of all its visitors and residents adds to the allure of this land of mystique.

4. Strong Family Values: A Magic Shield Against Crime

In the heartwarming tale of Saudi Arabia’s low crime rate, strong family values act as a powerful shield against criminal intent.

The kingdom places a significant emphasis on the sanctity of family and the importance of close-knit communities. The support and care that individuals receive within their families and communities foster a sense of belonging and responsibility, leaving little room for criminal activities.

Saudi Arabian culture promotes a collective consciousness that encourages individuals to look out for one another, creating a closely-knit network of trust and support.

This unity, in turn, acts as a natural deterrent against criminal behavior, as individuals are more likely to think twice before engaging in activities that may harm their families or communities.

5. Cultural and Religious Influences: A Tapestry of Morality

The rich cultural and religious influences in Saudi Arabia form a beautiful tapestry of morality, weaving threads of compassion, respect, and honor.

The teachings of Islam play a significant role in shaping the values and behaviors of the people. The Quran and Hadiths emphasize honesty, integrity, and compassion, guiding individuals towards righteous paths and discouraging criminal activities.

Islamic principles also foster a deep sense of accountability before God, which resonates in the hearts of the people. This sense of divine accountability acts as a guiding light, steering individuals away from wrongdoing and towards virtuous deeds.

6. Gender Segregation and Respect for Women: Creating Safe Spaces

In the enchanting kingdom of Saudi Arabia, gender segregation in public spaces is a norm that contributes to the low crime rate.

Public places, such as shopping malls, have separate areas for men and women, creating a sense of privacy and safety for all. This segregation fosters an atmosphere of respect for women, making Saudi Arabia one of the safest countries for women travelers.

Furthermore, the Kingdom’s efforts to empower women and promote their active participation in society have contributed to a sense of security and empowerment.

The presence of women in key roles, such as in law enforcement and healthcare, sends a powerful message of gender equality and safety.

7. A Nation United Against Crime

In the enthralling tale of Saudi Arabia’s low crime rate, one cannot overlook the unity and cohesion of the nation in standing against criminal activities.

The government, communities, and citizens work hand in hand to maintain law and order, creating an environment where criminal intent is swiftly discouraged and thwarted.

The kingdom’s law enforcement agencies are vigilant in their pursuit of justice, and the public actively participates in reporting any suspicious activities.

This collaboration creates a strong deterrent against criminal behavior, ensuring that Saudi Arabia remains a haven of safety and tranquility.

8. A Tale of Harmony and Hope

As we conclude our journey into the enchanting world of Saudi Arabia’s low crime rate, we are left mesmerized by the tapestry of factors that contribute to this remarkable phenomenon.

The kingdom’s strict law enforcement, rehabilitation programs, harsh punishments, flourishing economy, strong family values, cultural and religious influences, gender segregation, and national unity create an atmosphere of harmony and hope.


Saudi Arabia’s low crime rate stands as a testament to the power of collective efforts and the enduring belief in justice and righteousness.

As we bid farewell to this captivating tale, let us remember that Saudi Arabia’s enchanting allure lies not only in its breathtaking landscapes and rich history but also in its commitment to creating a safe and secure haven for all who enter its magical realm.

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