Zain Internet Package for Prepaid and Postpaid Users [2023]

Everyone wants to use an internet provider with cheap prices and extraordinary speed services. If you are in Saudi Arabia, do you know the recommended providers here? Zain Internet Package is the answer. Zain provides …

Everyone wants to use an internet provider with cheap prices and extraordinary speed services. If you are in Saudi Arabia, do you know the recommended providers here? Zain Internet Package is the answer. Zain provides professional internet services that are very suitable for use by all groups, both for casual use and online work.

Zain Internet Package Options

Below are several recommendations for several packages from Zain Internet Provider:

A. Prepaid Internet Packages

Zain Internet Package: Prepaid Packages are designed to offer upfront payment for internet access and data services. There are options for daily, weekly, and monthly plans, catering to different usage patterns. You can expect high-speed data, free on-net calls, and more.

Prepaid 5G Plans

Table of Zain Internet Packages - Prepaind 5G Plans

Unlimited Internet Package

Zain KSA Unlimited Internet Packages

YouTube Packages and Bundles

All Zain Internet Package: YouTube Packages and bundles are offers that can be used with unlimited watch YouTube videos, Music and Shorts.

Zain Prepaid: Social Media Packages

  • Social Package: Enjoy WhatsApp, Facebook, X (Twitter), Snapchat & Tiktok free
  • Social Plus Packages: Enjoy unlimited YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat & Tiktok free

Zain Shabab Internet Packages

  • Roaming Data is Unlimited in GCC
  • Social Media Includes: YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, X (Twitter), & Snapchat

Zain Shabab Prepaid Internet Packages

  • Data customers will enjoy the same benefits upon renewal
  • VAT prices are Exclusive
  • to activate send the code to 959
  • All plans are auto-renewed upon plan expiry. In case you wish to cancel the auto-renewal, you can send the cancellation code

Zain Shabab Prepaid Internet & Social Packages

  • To Stop Auto Renewal: Code CA199
  • To Deactivate Any Package: Code CS199

Zain Flex Internet Packages

Customers can enjoy unlimited social media access, 100GB of internet data, and 800 Flex minutes for three months at just 319 SAR with Shabab and Zain Prepaid Internet Packages.

Zain Visitors Internet Package

If you’re visiting Saudi Arabia for tourism or Umrah and Hajj, you can activate the Zain Visitor Package. Zain Internet Package offers various packages to ensure all its network users can make the most of their stay.

  • Social Media is valid for WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat

All the Zain Internet Package plans and offers are updated here regularly, Don’t forget to check out new offers. If you are a new Zain SIM user in Saudi Arabia then you should bookmark it in your browser.

B. Postpaid Internet Packages

Zain Internet Package: Postpaid Packages are designed to provide internet access and data services to users who prefer to pay for their mobile services on a monthly basis, typically through a billed invoice at the end of the billing cycle. These packages often come with higher data limits and added services like free international minutes.

Zain Postpaid: 5G Internet Packages

Those customers who have Zain postpaid SIM Cards can see Zain Internet Package: Postpaid Packages and offers here. They can activate any monthly, daily, weekly and 3 months internet packages by using activation codes.

This package price includes 15% VAT unless noted without. Postpaid customers can activate these packages by calling 959 or sending a black SMS to 959. Black postpaid customers get unlimited calling minutes for local networks and unlimited internet, except for the Black 1 Package.

A deposit payment might be required to activate the line, and it will be refunded 3 months after the contract signature.

Zain Postpaid: Bundle Internet Packages

  • Line Type: New Line, Transfer Line
  • SIM Type: Regular SIM, eSIM
  • Prices include VAT

Zain Postpaid: Unlimited Internet Packages

Zain Postpaid: Social Media Packages

  • Social Package Include: WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter), Snapchat & Tiktok
  • To Check your remaining balance and Bundle send an SMS with (BC) to 959


Zain Prepaid vs. Postpaid

Here is a side-by-side comparison of Zain Internet Package: prepaid and postpaid packages:

Feature Zain Prepaid Internet Packages Zain Postpaid Internet Packages
Billing Method Prepaid (Pay in advance) Postpaid (Pay after usage)
Payment Flexibility Requires prepaid credit/top-up Monthly billing cycle
Internet Access Data allocation for online use Data allocation for online use
Variety of Plans Multiple plans with varying data limits, validity periods, and pricing options Multiple plans with varying data limits, data speeds, and pricing options
Activation Process Activate via SMS or mobile app Sign up online or at a Zain store
Pricing Structure Fixed upfront payment for the chosen package Monthly billing with fixed package fees
Auto-Renewal Option Available, allowing for plan renewal automatically Not applicable (monthly billing)
Additional Services May include bundled services, free on-net calls, or discounts on other services May include bundled services, international calling options, or priority customer support
Control Over Spending Users have control over their spending as they pay in advance Users receive a bill at the end of the month based on their usage
Usage Monitoring Users can easily monitor their data usage to avoid overage charges Data usage is tracked and included in the monthly bill
VAT or Taxes VAT may not be included in the package price, depending on regulations VAT or other applicable taxes are added to the monthly bill
Flexibility Offers flexibility in managing expenses and choosing plans based on immediate needs Provides consistent, uninterrupted internet access without the need to top up
Convenience Suitable for users who prefer control over spending and those who want to avoid monthly bills Ideal for users seeking convenience, consistency, and the ability to customize data plans for varying needs


Coverage and Availability

Zain Internet Coverage Areas

Zain has a dominant market share position for 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) services in Saudi Arabia. Zain has deployed 5G services in 44 governates (administrative districts) in Saudi Arabia, which is more than Mobily’s 16 and STC’s 7.

Zain has a strong coverage lead in terms of governates with services and also based on the percentage of 5G sites in each region, ranking 1st in every region. Zain reported a 5G population coverage of 46% in June 2020.

You can check the Zain KSA’s coverage map by clicking this link:

Zain KSA Coverage Map

Network Reliability

Zain KSA has the largest 5G network coverage, fastest fixed internet, and online gaming. Zain KSA held first place in 4 indicators measured in the report, which sheds light on Zain KSA’s outstanding fixed internet speed.


We’ve taken an in-depth look at Zain’s internet packages, catering to both prepaid and postpaid users. Choosing the right internet package is a decision that impacts your daily life. Use the information provided to make an informed choice that aligns with your connectivity needs.

Anyway, if you don’t know yet, click this article for the information about Saudi Arabia Country Code (+966)


  1. What should I consider when choosing between a prepaid and postpaid internet package with Zain? When choosing between prepaid and postpaid internet packages, consider your usage habits, budget, and billing preferences. Prepaid packages offer flexibility and control over spending, while postpaid plans provide the convenience of monthly billing and often come with higher data limits. Assess your needs to determine which option suits you best.
  2. Can I change my Zain internet package if my needs change during the subscription period? Yes, Zain typically allows customers to change their internet packages if their needs change during the subscription period. You can usually upgrade or downgrade your plan based on your requirements. Check with Zain’s customer support or their website for specific details and procedures.
  3. What sets Zain’s network reliability apart from other providers in 2023? Zain’s network reliability can be attributed to its investment in robust infrastructure and ongoing maintenance. They often implement advanced technologies to minimize downtime and congestion, ensuring a stable internet connection even during peak hours. Customer feedback also highlights Zain’s commitment to network performance.
  4. What should I do if I experience slow internet speeds with my Zain Internet Package? If you encounter slow internet speeds, first, ensure that your device is within the coverage area and that there are no ongoing network issues. You can also try restarting your modem or router, clearing your device’s cache, or contacting Zain’s customer support for troubleshooting assistance.
  5. Can I use my Zain Internet Package while travelling internationally? Zain may offer international roaming options, allowing you to use your internet package while traveling abroad. However, roaming charges and data limits may apply. Check with Zain for details on international roaming services and rates.

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